The second generation wireless technology which is known as the 2G services all over the world is a milestone in the field of mobile technologies. The Airtel 2G technology was developed to overcome the limitations and disadvantages of the earlier introduced 1G service. The shift from analaog signals to digital signals made the process of communication much clearer and hassle free. Highly popular and beneficial services like the SMS services were offered by these high tech wireless services. One could easily use text to convey or express messages to each other. The market of 1G services were highly affected due to the unmatched quality and features offered by the Airtel 2G services but these 2G services are still used by people in many parts of the world even after the introduction of 3G, 3.5G and 4G services. Providers like Airtel 2G still provide quality 2G services and Airtel 2G internet plans to its valuable customers around the world.

The services offered were in question in the beginning due to the much talked about 2G scams which bought these 2G services under a scan. The introduction of these services changed the ways by which one used to communicate. Services providers like Airtel 2G provide these connectivity features at a very reasonable prices. Airtel 2G plans start at less than rupees 100 but if one looks for better storage and speed, opting for Airtel 2G internet plans is always a better and convenient option. There are a number of Airtel 2G plans which are offered by companies keeping the interest of its users and one can choose from these plans according to their usage capacity and pocket size.

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