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Shop.Airtel after maintaining its excellence in the variety and quality of their products has also come up with a new and very useful product. You might have heard about the amazing works of cordless telephones and landline telephones before the revolution created by these mobile phones. You can now buy cordless phone and buy landline phone online at Shop.Airtel. Isn't that amazing? And not only this, you get a free Airtel internet connection for three months with the landline telephones if you are planning to buy a landline phone within this week and a direct 25% discount on cordless phones if you are planning to buy cordless phone online. These cordless telephones lost their prominence from the time these cell phones were introduced as they overcame the only flaw in these landlines and that is that you can't go places with it which reduces its usability. But these are again back into our households because of the simple reason that you need a common place to contact the whole family at once instead of calling everyone individually. At Shop.Airtel you can buy landline phones online with a texting feature and also latest wireless landlines.

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